This design is a Nampeyo family trademark, though less-frequently painted than others. A bowl by Daisy Hooee in the collection has a similar design. (See 1994-08.) The meaning (if any) of the design is variable. Sometimes it is described as a katsina mana, sometimes as “Beetle Woman.”
The pot is somewhat heavy, is rough-finished inside, and has a nice blush from the outdoor firing. The design well thought out and fits the pot perfectly. Areas of red are used to integrate the design and the being’s “wings” flowing back to encircle the vessel. The painting is careful and skillfully done but not prefect, giving the image energy. This is a pot of serene and good spirit.

Heidi is a fifth-generation descendent of Nampeyo through Fannie. She is the daughter of Vernida Polacca Nampeyo. Vernida married a Pima man whose last name is Cassa. Notman is Heidi’s married name. For another pot by Heidi, see the Artist’s List.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 2/21/11 on eBay from Tony Moorehead of San Diego. Pot 2011-04 was “Fresh from a local estate of a college professor with a large Native American pottery collection.” [Receipt on file.] Pot 2011-03 is from the same estate.