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First People Pots
an online catalog of 500+ pieces of Native American artwork owned by a private collector, described by Cowboys & Indians Magazine as “a valuable resource for collectors, galleries, and scholars.”
2022-06  Minature pitcher with creature

2022-06 Minature pitcher with creature

This thin pitcher is beautifully-formed and cute.  The creature on both sides is complex but questionably fearsome. It's an attractive package. Form: The mouth of the pitcher is triangular with...

2022-04  Tile with maiden balancing a pot on her head

2022-04 Tile with maiden balancing a pot on her head

Framed in a doorway, this smiling woman balances a very large Hopi pot on her head.  Born in 1948, Jean began making pottery when she was about 17 had a long and productive pottery-making career, including...

2022-02  Plainware wide-shouldered seedpot

2022-02 Plainware wide-shouldered seedpot

This plainware jar is the perfect foil for jar 2020-20, the other recent addition to this collection by Jake Koopee.  Whereas jar 2020-20 is packed with design leaving almost no surface on...

2022-01  Duck whistle

2022-01 Duck whistle

I bought my first Hopi-Tewa pot 61 years ago, have been collecting ever since, have a large research library, and have been working on this catalog for 20 years. I consider myself quite an expert when it...

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