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an online catalog of 500+ pieces of Native American artwork owned by a private collector, described by Cowboys & Indians Magazine as “a valuable resource for collectors, galleries, and scholars.”

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2023-11  Modern Polik’ Mana tile

2023-11 Modern Polik’ Mana tile

This collection contains about a dozen versions of the Polik’Mana, from a tile (2014-10) and a tray (2017-04) by Nampeyo, to modern tiles (cf 2017-03), canteens, vases, a corn meal bowl, and even an image painted on cloth but posing as a...

2023-06  “Form #1” abstract sclupture

2023-06 “Form #1” abstract sclupture

This collection contains one of the earliest pots made by Les (1994-09), which seems quite traditional in both form and design. His work grows from his Tewa-Hopi and Zuni heritage, but as his career evolved...

2023-05  Damaged pot with abstract design

2023-05 Damaged pot with abstract design

This seedpot is exuberance. Abstract forms in black, red, white and grey swirl over its surface forming a dramatic crazy quilt. There are elements of Hopi design here, but the influence of Miro predominates....