Acoma polychrome bowl. The Wheelwright featured a show about Lewis and Acoma pottery during May 1981. Ms. Lewis was about 80 years old when she made this pot; she died on March 12, 1992. For a picture of Lucy taken about the time she made 1981-4, see Dillingham (1994:96). For an extensive discussion of Ms. Lewis and her family, see Collins (1975). See also, articles about Lucy in ACA Galleries (1980:26-31) and Peterson (1997:74-83). As Rick Dillingham (1992:44-45) points out, in an era of Acoma slip-cast ware and commercial clays, the slight pitting noticeable on this pot is “an indication of its authenticity… (and) does provide proof of local origin of clays and use of traditional production techniques.”

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/27/1981 at the Case Trading Post, Wheelwright Museum, by my Mother as a gift to me.