For the Love of Clay – C&I Magazine

by Kimberly Field   •   August 6, 2018

We share insights from two contemporary collectors, two replicators, and one important resource devoted to Southwestern Native clay art.

First People Pots — A Website Resource

For a master’s class in Hopi pottery, visit, which reflects a deep love for the creative genius of renowned Hopi-Tewa potter Nampeyo and all of Hopi art.

The website, an online catalog/database of more than 300 pieces of Native American artwork owned by a private collector, began as a thesis project for then-graduate student in graphic design Holly Chervnsik. She continues to catalog more items and add features to the website and has published Six Generations of Hopi Pottery: A Stylistic Analysis of Nampeyo Family DesignsAfter the owner’s death, the collection will be given to The Hopi Foundation, which plans to incorporate the collection into a future professional museum on the reservation. provides quick access to detailed information on artists and types and styles of pottery design, and it offers a look at selected artists’ career progressions. Lengthy appendices include a comparative evaluation of Nampeyo of Hano’s pottery, art history, documentation of stylistic changes, and Hopi social history. The depth of information and ease of use make it a valuable resource for collectors, galleries, and scholars. Native potters appreciate being able to see their extended family’s work, often for the first time.

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