Hopi pot, Sikyatki revival design by Rosetta Huma (age 64). This pot was fired on 12/19/83.  A few days later later Ms. Huma invited us into her home (in Schomovi, on top of First Mesa) after finding Becky (age 9) a good conversationalist.  We bought the pot from her at that time.

Several years later I read an article in which Ms. Huma talked about knowing Nampeyo of Hano. (See Qua’toqti, 1974.) Having read the article, on May 18, 1991 I had a chance to speak with Ms. Huma in her home about Nampeyo. Rosetta Huma lived two doors down from Marcella Kahe (1989-01). Sadly, both lovely women are now deceased.

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