Hopi, large jar with elements of Sikyatki revival bird design, Mae Mutz (1922-1998). Note how the design is set off against a plain background; for a Hopi pot, this is an unusually simple design. Somewhat like the style of Old Lady Nampeyo (1993-04), the plain background becomes part of the power of design. The potter lives in Polacca. Several years after she made this pot, Ms. Mutz had a stroke and was unable to continue making pottery. In May 1992, I spoke with her at her son’s home in Schomovi on top of First Mesa. I thanked her for the beauty she has brought to my home. She asked that I take a picture of me holding the pot and send it to her; I was pleased to do so. I believe she has since died.

Purchase History:
Purchased in December 1983 at Honani Crafts, Hopi Cultural Center, Second Mesa.