There are quite a number of pots with butterfly designs in this collection. (See “Category” listing.) This was purchased first. For a gentle discussion of the meaning of butterflies and flowers in Hopi culture, see Hays-Gilpin (2006:12-25).

A niece of Grace Chapella (1991-10 and 1993-01), cousin of Mary Ami (2002-05), and Mother of Verna Nahee (1983-02), she was born in 1919. I purchased a second pot from her in 1998 and gave it to Rebecca as a gift. For a short biography of Ms. Youvella, see Collins (1977:23). She discussed how she learned to pot and is pictured in Dillingham (1994:13). Bill and I spoke with her in January 2005 at the community center in Sichomovi near her home; she was a kind, attractive woman. She died the following year.

Purchase History:
Purchased in August 1986 from the potter, at Indian Market.