Hopi, basketry impressed bottom plainware dipper made by Vera Pooyouma at Hotevilla. Ms. Pooyouma was born inabout 1884 and was 103 when she made this pot. According to her son, Rex Pooyouma, she was still making a few small pots five years later. A photograph of Mrs. Pooyouma making piki bread is found in the National Geographic Society (1968:171). This potIn the late 1990’s she was the oldest person in Hotevilla. Pot 1987-02 won third prize at the Hopi Craft Show, Museum of Northern Arizona, on July 3, 1987. [Receipt and ribbon on file.]

Mrs. Pooyouma is also well known for making fine baskets and a fine interview with her and an engaging portrait are found in Teiwes (1996:117-119). A photograph of a younger Mrs. Pooyouma making piki bread is found in a National Geographic Society book (1968:171).

A similar dipper by Ms. Pooyouma is catalogue #E8572 in the Museum of Northern Arizona collection (Allen, 1984:20 and 94). For an older pot by Vera Pooyouma, formed in a basket, see 2005-01. Hopi utility pottery now is rarely made. For an older Hotevilla utility pot, see 1999-14.

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