Hopi red-ware bowl, Shalako Kachina on interior by Beth Sakeva (unsigned). 1970s?

The Museum was unable to identify the maker since the shop manager kept poor inventory records (inventory # M9505 on bottom). Based on the “style of design,” Rick Dillingham suggests that this pot was “Possibly made by Beth Sakeva.” Bruce McGee, long-time owner of the trading post at Keam’s Canyon, looked at a picture of the pot and wrote (7/3/92): “The plate is a good example of Beth Sakeva’s work. It is a design that she loved to do and do well. There is no question that it is hers. Rick does know his pottery and has advised you correctly.” Ms. Sakeva was one of the potters honored in the 1977 Grace Chapella show in California. (Collins, 1977:20). Ms. Sakeva was born in 1926, but did not start forming pottery until she was 45 and did not paint and fire until 1973. The colors of this pot are typical of Sakeva’s work and are very close to the color of ancient Tsegi Orange Ware vessels (Bartlett, 1977:3). She now signs her pots. Since this is large and unsigned, I’m guessing it is an earlier pot of hers, perhaps made in the 1970s. For a somewhat similarly- designed bowl circa 1900, see Dittemore (1990:56). Pot 1986-04 signed “A. Sakeva” was made by her son, Alfonso.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 7/5/87 at the Museum Shop, Museum of Northern Arizona.