Hopi pot, formed in April 1978 by Rachel Namingha Nampeyo (born 1903; died 1985) and painted by her sister Daisy Hooee Nampeyo (born 1906). The Blairs (1999:197) write that Daisy “…spent much time with her sister Rachel at Polacca. As Rachel’s eyesight began to fail, Daisy took over much of her pottery decorating. Most of the decoration on Rachel’s pottery made during the last few years of her life was executed by Daisy.” Fowler (1977:62) notes that Daisy went from her home in Zuni back to First Mesa to visit Rachel when she was “lonely.” Perhaps it was on one of these family visits that she painted this pot, which had been shaped by sister Rachel. For a finer Rachel pot presumably both formed and painted by her, see 1994-12. For a picture of Rachel (and some of her pots), see Barsook (1974:35). See also, Dillingham (1994:44) for an awkward Rachel pot from Rick’s collection.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 12/10/89 from Rick Dillingham, who purchased it from the Nampeyo sisters. Rick comments: “Daisy painted a handful on visit to Rachel and there aren’t many.” (An observation apparently contradicted by the Blairs.)