Design is a very fine-line reproduction of the Sikyatki “Man-eagle/Thunderbird” figure design. See Fewkes (1973: 59 and 129) for a discussion of this design. Like the original Sikyatki design, the two depictions on this jar by Gloria Kahe shows an abstract bird with a central body core and two abstract wings, which themselves look like birds.

Gloria and Samuel had heard the story told about me regarding 1989-01, laughed, and spoke in Hopi when I identified myself, and they tried to negotiate the price of this (and 1991-02) down. (“You know our family.”) I tried to negotiate up to the original price and we settled with a dollar amount plus a Cajun dinner for two (which I bought take-out). Samuel and Karen’s Father died about year ago and their Mother Marcella is not feeling well. Karen has moved from Keams Canyon to the Mother’s home in Schomovi to take care of her. Gloria, age 39, has been making pots for 6 years.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 2/23/91 at the American Indian Festival, in Houston, TX, from the artist and her husband, Samuel Kahe (son of Marcella Kahe, sister of Karen Charley, see 1989-01 above). The clay fired rather pale, according to the artist, because outdoor firings are colder in winter and thus the fires are not as hot as in summer. Deacquisitioned as a gift.