Hopi jar, abstract feather/Sikyatki design by Leah Garcia Nampeyo (born 1928; died 1974), one of Fannie’s seven children. Made about 1971. This is a fine jar with good design, balance and color. For a pot with a very similar design painted by Melda Garcia (Leah’s daughter) see 2009-05; a similar 1975 Melda pot is illustrated in Adobe Gallery (1983:13, #56). For a picture of Leah (and several of her pots), see Barsook (1974: 28-29). Leah is the granddaughter of Nampeyo, daughter of Fannie Nampeyo. For pots made by Leah’s mother Fannie, see the Artist List.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/16/91 at Garland’s Indian Jewelry, in Sedona.