Hopi pot, “fine-line migration design,” by Priscilla Namingha (Nampeyo), one of Rachel Namingha’s (1924–2008) five children. Made about 1970.

This is a very fine-line rendition of a traditional “Old Lady” Nampeyo design, itself derived from an Anatovi Pueblo design of the 1300s. See the article about Priscilla, with good pictures of her and a similar pot, in ACA Galleries (1980:22-24). Compare this pot to other pots in the collection with the “Fine Line Migration” design (see Category List). This rendition by Priscilla is not as precisely drawn as some others, but this gives the design a special power and energy. For another picture of Priscilla and her comment about the difficulty of doing this fine line design, see Barsook (1974:39-40). See also, her picture and comments in Dillingham (1994:45). Another Priscilla fine line pot is pictured in Adobe Galleries (1983: 3, #4). For other pottery by Priscilla, see the Artist List.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/16/91 at Garland’s Indian Jewelry, in Sedona.