Acoma Jar, Ceramic (earthenware). Ca. 1940. Polychrome. Elaborate geometric/scroll motifs, pattern repeated three times around the rim. Erosion at the rim. Unsigned. (Description largely by Rick Dillingham.) Rick is the author of the only comprehensive book on Acoma and Laguna pottery (Dillingham, 1992).

Purchase History:
This jar was bought at auction by Frank Foster and Tom White. After Tom died in the summer of 1990, his family gave it to Biff Tompkins and Fran Jewell. Biff wanted me to have it after he died; Fran reminded him it had been given to both partners. Biff’s lapse of etiquette became a story that Fran and I told with a smile after Biff’s death (May 6, 1991). Fran gave the pot to me as a birthday present on January 13, 1992.