Hopi pot, bat wing design by James Garcia Nampeyo. Brother of Rayvin Nampeyo (1992-03) and Melda Garcia Nampeyo (2009-02), James was also raised and taught potting by his grandmother Fannie after his mother Leah died in 1974. James was 16 at the time of his Mother’s death; is now 34. The basic wing design was developed by “Old Lady” Nampeyo at the turn of the century. By adding the checkered neck design and red spiked elements, James has given this design motion, life and great beauty. The design by James is an elaboration of a design used by “Old Lady” Nampeyo’s eldest daughter and James great aunt, Annie Healing, itself a modification of the more static original Nampeyo design; see Adobe Galleries (1983:9, #25).

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/20/92 from Chester Lewis of Tribal Treasures in Holbrook. Lewis is a wholesale supplier to Andrews Gallery in Albuquerque and, given my association (?) with the Andrews Gallery, Lewis says he sold me the pot for about 40% of the retail price. The original high price reflects a debit that James Garcia owed Chester Lewis, a debit paid in pottery. Most of James’ pottery (including this one?) is painted by Fawn Navasie, his wife.