White-slipped Hopi vase with Sikyatki revival design by “D.R.,” apparently Donna Robertson (born 1972), with the Navasie family frog plus a tadpole mark. Polychrome with stippled design. Ken Osborne of Many Hands Gallery in Sedona believed “DR” to be the child of Maryanne Navasie Harrison (daughter of Joy Navasie), who uses a tadpole to distinguish her work from Joy’s. His guess is confirmed by Rick Dillingham (1994:60 and 71). Although this pot has an almost perfect gem-like appearance, the white slip is blushed just enough and the design just imperfect enough to avoid the plastic perfection that makes much of the Navasie white-slipped ware seem formal to me.

Purchase History:
Purchased at The Turquoise Lady, Galleria 1, Houston on January 30, 1994. Receipt on file.