Jar made ca. 1950. Cecelia (a Pima Indian, born 1906) was the wife of Wesley Lesso, “Old Lady” Nampeyo’s only adult son. Pictures of Cecelia and Wesley are in Barsook (1974) (with a picture of a Cecelia pot).

For another pot by Cecelia, see 2003-02. Both Cecelia and Wesley are now deceased and their daughter (Lynette) lives with her husband in Tuba City and rarely makes pottery, according to Bruce McGee. For a picture of Wesley circa 1930 see Dillingham (1994:43). For a picture of Lynette, a couple of her pots and her comments about the 20 years since the Seven Families exhibit, see Dillingham (1994:39).

Purchase History:
I had never seen a Cecelia pot until I visited JR and Char Bloom on May 18. Two days later, looking at a couple of older Hopi pots at The Rainbow Man in Santa Fe, I discovered this pot.

According to Marianne Kapoune of the Rainbow Man (9/2/94), this pot “was purchased by a Charles Greenman (living in Florida at the present) in 1950.”