This is a classic Sikyatki revival pot with an abstract bird design and beautiful blushed clay coloring. The use of the plain blushed clay body to set off the graceful design is reminiscent of “Old Lady” Nampeyo’s work. In contrast to her great-great grandmother, however, Rachel’s work is extremely careful and precise. In contrast to some of her contemporaries, however, Rachel’s work is not “perfect” and thus preserves a sense of individuality and power. Note that the shape of this pot is irregular and the painting, though detailed and controlled, is not perfect. I think Rachel is one of the best of the current Hopi potters, and among the most affordable. Her work is often traditional Sikyatki Revival in both shape and design (see 1989-08), but at times is more contemporary in its design. For other pots in the collection by Rachel Sahmie, see the Artist List. The collection has more Rachel Sahmie pots than those by any other potter.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/20/94 from Robert F. Nichols, in Santa Fe, NM.