Shallow Sikyatki revival bowl with corrugated exterior and a version of the “Bird Hanging from Sky Band” design on the interior. The bowl was previously in the collection of the Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada. The museum deacquisitioned part of its collection, much of which was shipped to Mark Sublette for sale. Many of the pots broke in shipping, including this one, which was professionally repaired with the crack indicated on the exterior. The date of the bowl is unknown but might be available from the Museum records (403-268-4100), The museum number AI-560 (or AT-560) is indicated on the bottom. The pot is unusual for several reasons: 1) the base and coils are left visible on the exterior and it has a particular rim, 2) like the Polacca bowl 1999-09 and three Sikyatki revival pots (1993-04, 1995-07, and 2005-03) this is a version of the Sikyatki “Bird Hanging from Sky Band” design, and 3) the striking coloration contrast from the outdoor firing.

For other pots in the collection with versions of the “Bird Hanging from Sky Band” design, see the Category List.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 7/7/95 from Medicine Man Gallery, in Tucson, AZ.