Polychrome pot with a somewhat rough finish, a simple linear design that is somewhat worn, and blushing. Signed “Nampeyo” on the bottom. Ca 1930-1934. Nampeyo’s husband Lesso died in 1930. Barbara Kramer writes: “During this period of her life (leading up to Lesso’s death), the aging Nampeyo must have been severely restricted in her pottery making…she could not see well enough to paint the few pots that she could make…Nampeyo apparently continued to make pottery even during difficult personal times. From 1930 to 1934, she entered small vessels signed with her name on the bottom (presumably by whichever daughter had painted the pot) in the Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Craftsman exhibits (1996:176). It is generally thought that Fannie painted and signed most of these pots, but Kramer makes the case that Annie, granddaughter Daisy and niece Lena Charlie might also have done the “Old Lady’s” painting during this time (1996:176).

Research using pots in this collection now allow us to identify which female relative probably signed Nampeyo’s pots.  See Appendix E.

For other pots in the collection formed by Nampeyo but painted by a female relative, see “Nampeyo—Signed” in the Artist List.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 2/22/97 from Deborah Neal of the Old Territorial Shop, in Scottsdale, AZ.