Shallow bowl with light slip (?), red rim and a “whirlwind” interior design consisting of four Zuni rainbird elements around a circular center, ca 1940s? This bowl is an important link in the tradition of Polacca ware using Zuni-inspired “rain bird” designs. [For a Polacca jar with this design, see 1994-14.] This is the tradition that was displaced by the Nampeyo initiated “Sikyatki Revival” around 1900 but persisted in pots (such as bowl 1997-07) that were intended for domestic consumption and not sale to tourists. [See also, 1992-04.] The red rim is also a throwback to the painting tradition of Polacca ware.

Occasionally, the rainbird element is still used on Hopi pottery. For a bowl visually quite similar to 1997-07, see the 2009-11. For other pots in the collection with this “Rainbird” design, see the Category List.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 6/3/97 from Palms Trading Co., in Albuquerque, NM.