Low bowl with a version of the Sikyatki “man-eagle” design, blue corn identification mark on the bottom (Lena Charlie). The design is a version of Kwataka, the man-eagle, an ancient Sityatki design published by Fewkes(1973:59). According to Barbara Kramer (1996:139, 175), Lena Charlie was a corn clan niece of Nampeyo who lived on the plaza at Hano and who sometimes painted for the “Old Lady” after her eyesight began to fail.

The bowl was broken and repaired before I owned it; the design is faded. In spite of these obvious problems, this is a wonderful bowl. The image is both complex and striking. Unlike most versions of this design, the bird-wings have been reduced in importance and the body core and head form the dominant elements of design. See “Man Eagle” in the Category List for a complete listing of pots in this collection using variations of this design.

For a small pitcher by Lena Charlie, see 2001-08. Though her genealogy seems a bit elusive, Lena apparently was the sister of Irene Shupla (2009-13) and a cousin of Sadie Adams (1995-09 and 1996-02) and Patty Maho (2008-05).

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/23/98 at Cowboys & Indians Antiques, in Albuquerque, NM.