Hopi Posole Boiling pot made by Olive Dennis (Kykotsmovi, 1813-1875), the great, great, great grandmother of the person who sold the pot in October 1989 to The White Hogan, Scottsdale, Arizona. The pot is well used and cracked. Although these posole pots were common ware in Hopi kitchens, this is the only example I have seen on the market. Like several other utility pots in the collection, this large pot was begun in a basket, the imprint of which is clearly impressed on the bottom. See “Utility Ware” in the Category List for a complete listing of similar pots in this collection.

Pictures of boiling pots can be seen in pictures of the interior of Nampeyo’s home [on file] and as reprinted in Kramer (1996:72). Also, see the postcard inside this pot. When broken, pots of this type often were recycled as chimneys.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/26/98.