Corrugated plainware pot by Claude Pahona (Spider Clan), husband of Rachel Sahmie.

For many years I though the pot had been made by Rachel. When Claude and Rachel visited my home on October 29, 2008, Claude identified the pot as one of two similar pots he had made. He has begun making kachina dolls and makes relatively few pots (maybe two dozen, total) and does not sign his pottery. He has become expert at firing his wife’s pots, however, as demonstrated at a university workshop held 10/30-31 in 2008. The construction 1998-07 reflects Anasazi corrugated utility ware and seems to have been done by Claude as an experiment. This is the smaller of two similar pots he made. Often visitors to my collection pick up this pot and feel it; the fine coiling and contrast of the rough body with the smooth top encourage such fondling by both eye and hand.

See the Blairs (1999:110) for a prehistoric pot similar to 1998-07. The Blairs comment “This method is not common among the Nampeyo potters.”

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/28/98 in Polacca at the home of Priscilla Namingha, Rachel’s mother.