Hopi-Tewa pot with two bird designs, by Garnet Pavatea. Born in 1915 in Hano, Garnet Pavatea began making pottery around 1946 and continued until her death in 1981. She often demonstrated her art at the Museum of Northern Arizona, entered over 400 pieces for judging in the MNA’s Hopi Artists’ Exhibition, and won an astounding 139 ribbons. Her Tewa name was Asamana, “Mustard-Flower Girl.” For a photograph of her, see Gaede (1977:19).

Purchase History:
I saw this pot in the summer of 1998 at Arrowsmith’s Gallery in Santa Fe and by the time I called to inquire about the pot, the gallery had been sold. The new owners put me in touch with the old owners, from whom I bought this pot on 9/14/98.