Hopi-Tewa effigy bowl with two animal (coyote?) heads, unsigned. Bowls with molded animal heads are uncommon.

Purchase History:
According to Rebecca Jurney of Balboa Island, CA from whom I bought this pot on eBay (2/13/99), “The piece came with other Hopi pots, baskets, etc. from an older couple in Desert Hot Springs (CA?). It was made in the 1940s-1950s.” Such figures were occasionally seen on Polacca Polychrome Style C pottery (1860-1890) (see Wade and McChesney, 1980a:94.) A more recent example is discussed by Lydia Wyckoff (1983:74-75 and plate 12, p. 111). She describes a small ashtray with a “coyote” figure rising from one rim; the ashtray was collected in 1927. The 1927 figure is very similar to those on 1999-01. Apparently Paqua Naha also molded such figures on her pottery in the 1950s (see Dillingham, 1994:63).