Polacca ware style D (?) bowl with “Bird Hanging from Sky Band” design and Keresan design elements in the band. Faded red “half moon” element, framing lines with a break line, and a red rim, ca. 1890. This is an important pot in the collection since 1) it is in the Polacca D pottery style that Nampeyo replaced with her Sikyatki Revival style, and 2) it is perhaps 10 to 20 years older than 1993-04 by Nampeyo but both used the same basic Sikyatki design and both are white-slipped. For an early Sikyatki Revival example of this design that is not white-slipped, see 1995-11.

See “Bird Hanging from Sky Band Design” on the Category List for a complete listing of pots in this collection using variations of this design.

Purchase History:
Purchased from Gregory Schaaf; it is published in his book (1998:181).