A low bowl with polychrome designs on both the inside and exterior by Jean Sahmie and her granddaughter, Muncie, age 3. The interior consists of a large-shard design, including a handprint and other Sikyatki designs that have been revived by the Nampeyo family. The exterior design of traditional Hopi-Tewa elements contains two larger handprints. According to a July 2007 conversation with Jean, granddaughter Muncie was pestering her while the pot was being decorated and Jean used Muncie’s hands to make the design so as to involve Muncie in the activity. [For a bowl by Munsi, age 5, see 2009-22.] This is an extraordinary pot, thinly constructed, markedly lightweight with a complex, beautifully composed design on both interior and exterior. To my eye, this is representative of the best work being done at Hopi today.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/28/99 at the opening of the MNA’s “Masters Show.”