Large Hopi cylinder vase with polychrome abstract feather design topped by two framing break lines. The yellow slip (fires red) has faded and the surface (slip?) of the pot has crackled somewhat and taken of a beautiful old ivory look that is characteristic of pots fired with coal. Unsigned.

Purchase History:
I first saw this pot at the Southwest Antique Mall, Houston. The owner, Mary Dee Blaylock, had bought it for “a few dollars” at an estate sale at a home in Sugarland, Texas. I helped her write an eBay description for the pot, which she offered at auction on-line, but it did not meet her reserve price. I then put her in touch with several pottery dealers in Scottsdale and Albuquerque, but she was not willing to sell it at their wholesale price. Finally, on 8/25/00 she visited my home with the pot and I purchased it.