A small simple yellow ware pot with feather design by Elva Nampeyo. There is a chip on the rim.

Elva (1926-1985) was born in the Corn Clan House belonging to Nampeyo. Early in her life she watched her grandmother make pots; under the tutelage of her mother she began making pottery when she was 14. Not surprisingly her pots resemble their work. She was a prolific potter, often forming as many as eight pots a day. When Elva was older, daughter Adelle would polish, decorate and fire her mother’s pottery. Elva is the daughter of Fannie, sister of Tonita and Leah, and the mother of Neva, Miriam, and Adelle.

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Purchase History:
Purchased on 8/23/01 on eBay from Marilyn Most, of Loveland, CO.