Yellow ware seed pot with almost flattop, geometric polychrome designs, signed “Fannie Nampeyo.” 1940s (?) The overall effect of the pot is striking. While the painting on the pot incorporates eagle feather, tail and “small brick” designs used by her mother and sister Annie, the painting on this pot is unusual in that it is not one of the “Nampeyo family” standard patterns. The hematite black paint is particularly dark and the angles of the design seems almost art deco, characteristic of Hopi pots made in the 1940s. (Hence my guess as to its age.) Pot 2007-12 was formed by Nampeyo and painted by Fannie and is signed first “Nampeyo” followed by “Fannie.” The buyer marked “1942” on the bottom of 2007-12.The writing seems identical to that on 2001-07 and suggests the two pots were made about the same time. For other pots in the collection by Fannie, see the Artist List.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 8/27/01 on eBay from a trading company in Phoenix, AZ.