Low bowl with polychromatic design of six stylized bird (?) shapes that encircle the pot between two sets of framing lines. The pot is eroded and the design is worn, perhaps by water, as if someone had used it under a potted plant. Attributed to Nampeyo. As with 2002-03 and 2002-09, the attribution to Nampeyo is problematic. Like 2002-03, this pot has an added coil of clay on the rim so the inside is slightly convex. The design is graceful, elegantly drawn, and fits the pot well. However, the provenance of the pot provides the most direct evidence of its maker.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 11/30/02 on eBay from Mark Brightman, of Lunenburg, MA. He had purchased this pot and two other Hopi pots at auction. There is no doubt that the other pots are by Nampeyo. All three pots were auctioned out of a convent in New York City and were given to the convent by missionaries to the southwest during the first part of the 20th century. Although badly damaged, the pot is still elegant.