2002-12 Tiny Pinch Pot – Simple Monochromatic Design

Very small Hopi-Tewa pot with a simple monochromatic design, signed “Nampeyo.”

Like 1985-01 and 1997-01, this pot was made by the “Old Lady,” painted and signed by a female relative and probably sold through the Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Craftsman Exhibition, 1930 through 1936. “The requirement to identify the maker on each piece explains those few extant vessels bearing the name ‘Nampeyo’ painted for her by a family member. (Kramer, 1996:134).”

For a complete list pots in the collection formed by Nampeyo but painted by a relative, see the Artist List under “Nampeyo: Signed.”  For a discussion identifying  which female relative probably signed a pot, see Appendix E.