Pot with typical polychromatic Hopi-Tewa design elements and framing lines, one rim chip (1950s?). The pot is unsigned but believed to have been made by Cecelia Lessou. Cecelia, a Puma Indian, was the wife of Wesley Lesso, Nampeyo and Lesso’s fifth child. After marrying into a Hopi-Tewa family, she learned to pot in this Hopi style.

Like 1994-05 (which it strongly resembles), this pot is not particularly distinguished. The hands that formed this jar are, however, particularly distinguished: “On July 20, 1942, after Cecilia had bathed her, Nampeyo fell asleep and died that evening (Kramer,1996:142).” Cecilia was 36 years old at the time; Nampeyo was about 82.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 3/1/03 on eBay from C&C Starion, Phoenix, AZ. They had purchased the pot from Cecilia’s great grandnephew.