Kiln-fired Zuni prayer bowl with handle, stepped edges painted red. The body of the pot is slipped with white paint. The interior has a frog image in the center with four tadpoles; the exterior has two more frog designs surmounted by stepped tabletta and two groups of three more tadpoles, plus two single tadpoles on the handles. The bowl is signed “Zuni High School,” but the maker is unknown.

In the 1960s Daisy Hooee Nampeyo helped revive the making of pottery at Zuni by starting a pottery class at the Zuni High School (see Fowler, 1977:63 and Hayes & Blom, 1996:168). A small pot made by Daisy in the Zuni style with Zuni clay is part of the collection (see 2007-02).

For another Zuni prayer bowl, see 1989-03.

Purchase History:
Purchased from Colonial Antiques (Tulsa, OK) at The Big Red Barn antique show in Warrington, TX. They purchased the bowl in Tulsa.