2003-07 Bowl with Simple Avian Design

This pot has four repeating designs, thicker framing bands on the outside of the design, and thinner framing bands that touch the design. The lowest framing band has been given the form of eight drapes.

The pot is signed “Nampeyo N.” Presumably, the pot was formed by the “Old Lady” in the 1930s and painted (and signed) by her daughter Nellie. The design is simple, the top framing band smudged and there is a firing mark on the bottom—all indications of the less-than-precise work characteristic of Nellie. The rim of the pot is also uneven, although the walls have uniform thickness.

For other pots made by Nampeyo and presumably painted by a daughter, see “Nampeyo, Signed pots” in the Artist List. See Appendix E for a discussion of “Nampeyo” signatures.