This unsigned polychromatic bowl has an interior design that shows an animal figure and abstract elements, and an exterior abstract design repeated four times.

A bowl with a similar design was entered by Zella Cheeda in the Hopi Craftsman Show, MNA, in 1959 (Sikorski, 1968: Fig. 37 & 67). Bowl 2003-11 has a lug for hanging, but the design is not centered to the lug. The bowl was broken in half and re-glued sometime before 1970.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 6/19/03 on eBay from Mike Martin, Warren, MI. Mr. Martin purchased it at a garage sale in Bloomfield Hills. Michigan in 1970. Mr. Martin wrote, “The gentleman who sold it to me was retired at the time and said he had purchased it while traveling in Arizona in the 1950s.” For most of the last 30 years the pot was in storage.