This bowl has a sharp delineation between the 16-coil basket in which it was started and the coiled sides built straight off the basket. The incurved rim may suggest this was intended to be used as a small piki bowl. The basket-formed bottom is much thicker than the coiled sides. Like 2005-01 by Vera Pooyouma, this is a true utility pot. Unlike 2005-01, this pot is formed from gray (fires tan) clay, not the red clay sometimes favored by the few potters from Orabi and Hotevilla. (See Wyckoff, 1985:151 and 158.) All the basket-formed pots I have seen are from Third Mesa.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 6/7/06 from Susanne and William Waites, who had the bowl listed on the website of their gallery, Aboriginals: Art of the First Person. In the mid 1980s the Waites purchased it from Dee Dixon of the Cowboys and Indian Gallery on the plaza in Toas, NM. The date of production is unknown; it had been in Mr. Dixon’s collection for a number of years.