The extraordinary flat shape of this pot is very difficult to form and (perhaps) as a result, the pot cracked when fired. The crack runs from the lip to within three inches of the bottom. The Sikyatki bird designs seem inspired by illustrations in Fewkes (1973:66-67 & 133) but are more elaborate, energized, and finely drawn than the ancient designs. Between the birds are tail-feather designs with curvilinear elements to one side that, combined with the forward thrust of the birds, give the pot its energy. The birds are sophisticated cousins of the creatures on the pot by Patricia Honie (see 2007-01). The difficulty of the pot shape and the sophistication of the painting is just more evidence of the talent of the Priscilla Namingha daughters.

Purchase History:
Received on 7/14/07 as a gift from Nyla.