2008-01 Polychromatic Seedpot with Batwing Design

The batwing design was used by Nampeyo and became a classic Nampeyo family design. In my opinion, this batwing design was the most elegant design painted by Fannie. [For another batwing jar painted by Fannie, see 2009-14.]

Annie was born in 1883; her daughter Rachel was born in 1900. Fannie was probably born the same year as Rachel. Thus, although Annie and Fannie are sisters, there is a generation of age between them. Although it has long been known that Fannie painted pots formed by her mother (cf. 2007-12), this is the first pot that I have seen where Fannie painted for a sibling. Such cooperation is not reported in the literature, though it is not surprising. (See McChesney 2003.)

As detailed in the catalog description for 2007-12, most of the pots in the collection that are signed “Nampeyo” were probably painted by Fannie and are rather simple, even crude, pots with uninspired design. Pot 2008-01 is a collaboration between Annie and Fannie and is an exception to this pattern: it is well formed with a careful, elegant design that perfectly fits the pot.

See “Bat Wing Design” in the Category List for a complete listing of pots in this collection using variations of this design.

A photograph of Nampeyo taken in 1934 by Mrs. Williams is reprinted in Messier & Messier, 2007:35.