The pot is uneven, but the design delightful. It shows monochromatic images of three proud birds.

Patty Maho was born about 1904 and lived for about 89 years. According to John Collins, Patty Maho did “not paint designs on her pottery; her sister, Mamie Nahoodyce, paint[ed] for her.” Mamie taught herself to paint pottery. For a great photograph of the two sisters, see Gaede (1977:18). Collins also reprints photographs of both Patty Maho and her sister (Collins, 1977:15). Patty Maho did not go to school, so she spoke only Tewa. Ms. Maho was Paqua Naha’s (see 2001-05) niece, cousin of Sadie Adams (see 1995-09 and 1996-02) and Lena Charlie (see 1998-04 and 2001-08), aunt of Beth Sakeva (see 1987-03) and great aunt of Neil David, Sr., and great-great aunt of Alfonso Sakeva, Jr. (see 1986-04).

Purchase History:
Purchased on 6/11/08 on eBay from Deanna Paik (Deschutes Gallery) in Bed, OR. The jar was from an estate collection.