The design is a reproduction of the cover image of the catalog Historic Hopi Ceramics: The Thomas Keam Collection, by Wade and McChesney (1981).
The cover image, in turn, is the linear projection of the design on a Polacca Polychrome Style D Revival pot (1890-1900), number 43-39-10/25140 (Wade and McChesney,1981:459). For another photograph of this jar see McChesney,1994: 8.

On the Style D pot, the eagle-feather design is draped over the top half of a sharply shouldered jar, the four checkered lines painted above the rim point to the linear feathers in the design. The open fretwork on the lip of 2008-16 is painted below the shoulder of the original Polacca Style D jar above a plain (red?) bottom.

Purchase History:
Rachel Sahmie gave me this pot as a gift after her workshop at the University of Houston – Clear Lake, October 30-31, 2008.