Heidi is the daughter of Vernida Polacca Nampeyo and is thus five generations younger than her great-great grand mother “Old Lady” Nampeyo.

Previously, the pot was purchased on 8/18/02 at Indian Market, Santa Fe by Rutt Bridges who bought it directly from Heidi’s mother.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 11/3/09 directly from Kathleen Hoff of Greenwood Village, CO. Her brother, Rutt Bridges of Denver, assembled a collection of over 2,400 pieces of pueblo pottery over the last 14 years and she is helping him sellthe collection. Kat kindly sent me two CDs of the Hopi pots in the collection. Earlier I had purchased two pots from her (2009-13 and 2009-16); pots 2009-20 through 2009-23 were purchased as a group.