Bonnie had just moved into the renovated home in Polacca that had been Annie’s and then her mother’s when nephew David Alexander and I stopped by on 11/19/09. While still making Sikyatki-design quilts, Bonnie has just returned to making pottery. For other pots by Bonnie Chapella, see the Artist List.

Purchase History:
At Bonnie’s request I paid for the pot with a check made out to her daughter, Micki Chapella. Apparently, there was some problem cashing the check and a neighbor, Leila Koinva, cashed the check for Bonnie. Ms. Koinva then called me in Houston to ask me to send her the money. I sent a postal order to Rachael Sahmie who exchanged it for the original check. Leila Koinva is the daughter of Mae Mutz (1983-05).