2010-09 Bowl with Incurved Rim – Monochromatic Winged Creature Design and Lug

“This is a powerful, wise being” Rachel told me when speaking of this bowl. The design was modeled after an ancient Jeddito design; Steve Elmore sent Rachel an image of the ancient bowl. Such designs remind Rachel of her Mother, she told me: “My Mom and I used to discuss these powerful creature designs you find on the old pots,” Rachel said. “Mom used to say ‘I wonder if these creatures were real then or only visited people in dreams.’”

It is dangerous for a modern Behana to assume the meanings of such designs, but to me the contemplative face, bent arm with an outstretched hand, and the curvilinear “tail” ending with a pathos design are all blessing images. The stepped notch on the top edge of the wing element (perhaps representing rain clouds) reinforces the kind energy of this being.

Given that it was fired in cold weather, the clay color is pale except for one area where the wind made the fire hotter and blushed the pot.