As noted in the discussion of 2010-09 (above), in early May 2010 Rachel and I were talking by phone and discussing the meaning of ancient creatures sometimes found on old Jeddito pots.

Bowl 2010-09 depicts such a creature and Rachel said that these old designs had a lot of energy. I mentioned Jeddito bowl 1997-05 in this collection; she asked me to send her copies of the image.

I also sent Rachel copies of photographs of wall plaque 2001-02 and asked if she could paint the image of 1997-05 on such a convex surface. Plaque 2010-12 is the result. The plaque is really a bowl similar in form dimensions and design to Jeddito bowl 1997-05, with the design on the interior of the old bowl recreated on the exterior of the new bowl. Rim holes were added so it could be hung for display.

Plaque/bowl 2010-12 was fired in the middle of July, 2010, is beautifully blushed, and the convex surface launches the germination creature toward the viewer. For a discussion of the possible meaning of the design, see the catalog entry for bowl 1997-05.

Purchase History:
As explained in the discussion of 2010-09, plaque/bowl 2010-12 was paid for by the second payment received for the earlier bowl.

[No receipt.]