The small bowl is somewhat thick but has even walls and a pleasing, energized linear/curvilinear design. The corn effigy is particularly graceful with the red-painted cob flanked by two leaves. One leaf reaches up to shelter the cob, the other folds downward and touches the pot. The folded leaf stabilizes the pot structure; it also recreates the leaf of a mature corm plant that reaches down and touches Mother Earth, here the womb-like form of the pot.

The pot seems kiln-fired, though the eBay listing said otherwise.

For a discussion of the role of corn in Hopi and Hopi/Tewa life, see the catalog entry for 2011-02.

Dalton, age 11, is the son of Candy (Candice) Nampeyo (2005-07).

Purchase History:
Purchased on 8/20/10 on eBay from seller “dipiscp” from southern Utah, who frequently travels to Hopi to purchase pots. [Receipt on file.]