Like several pots added to the collection recently, this pot is made of “sikyatska,” yellow clay that fires red. The shape is unusual, with both tall sides and a wide shoulder, allowing considerable canvass for design. Swirling around the opening of the jar are two abstract avian designs. The design along the side of the jar is topped by a break line. Below that line are a series of typical Hopi/Tewa design elements that do not repeat as they encircle the jar. Though talented, Sunbeam was not a very prolific potter.

What is particularly interesting is the lineage of the maker. Sunbeam Davis is the daughter of Lena Charlie (1998-04 and 2001-08) and the mother of Neil David Sr., a well known Kachina carver and painter, as is his son.

This pot is one of a group of pots that were part of a 2,400 item Southwest pueblo pottery collection that was assembled by Rutt Bridges of Denver, CO over a period of about 14 years. His sister, Kathleen Hoff, is helping her brother sell the collection. In 2009, Kat sent me two CDs with information about Hopi pots in the collection. During 2010, over a period of months Kay sent me additional photographs of about 200 Hopi and Hopi/Tewa pots from the collection.

Purchase History:
Pot 2010-30 is one of eleven pots I bought from Rutt on 11/16/10. [Receipt and records on file.] He had purchased it on eBay 11/18/06.