This is a simple spoon with a simple design done perfectly. No wonder: scratch-signed into the side of the bowl are the names “Lowell/Dextra.” Dextra has trained many of the accomplished, young (mostly male) potters at Hopi; apparently, she is also instructing her grandson Lowell.

This is an item you want to fondle and feel its smooth surface and sensuous shape. There is a hole in the handle that could be threaded with a string to hang the spoon. For some reason there is another hole at the end of the handle perpendicular to the string hole. Two split cloud designs grace the handle. The rim of the bowl is outlined with a dark red line. It is all done with precision. I would love to know if one person formed the spoon while the other painted it, or if Dextra simply supervised her grandson. As evidenced by 2011- 24 and 2011-26, Lowell is capable of very fine work on his own.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 9/14/11 by absentee bid from R. G. Munn Auction of Cloudcroft, NM.