This small bowl was among the last formed by Priscilla Namingha. It was left unfinished when she died in September 2008 and was painted about seven months later by her daughter, Jean Sahme.

Writing on the bottom relates this history:

Priscilla Namingha
Sept. 2008
Completed for Mom
J (for Jean) + Corn Clan symbol
Mar. 2009

By itself, this is not a great pot. It is testimony, however, to the end of one great ceramic career and the passing on of the tradition to the next generation.

Masako (the seller) regularly travels to Hopi to buy pottery to sell. Bowl 2011-27 was probably bought at Priscilla’s old home at the start of the road up to the top of First Mesa.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 10/27/11 on eBay from Masako Kodaira of Albuquerque, NM. He had listed it several times without a buyer. We negotiated the price by email and he re-listed the pot “Buy It Now,” which I did.